NEOP is designed to assist employeer to meet their hiring needs. This is a strategic process bringing a new employee to the organization throughoutthe transition from PKWT Probation to Permanent employee on the first six months of employement.

How we care the employee?

Reward & Recognition

  • Traveling Ticket Benefit

Every year GMF employees have Garuda Ticket for international or domestic route, the ticket valid for Employee, Husband/Wife, and 3 children.

  • Special Recognition

Individuals or teams with some predefined criteria such as QCDS (Quality, Cost, Delivery, Service), GMF Values implementation, Uniqueness / Innovation can get Special recognition.

Our Culture Event

  • GMF Olympic

GMF Olympic is an event that contains a series of inter-agency sports and art events that are held as a pre event to GMF Employee Day on GMF's birthday.